N30 Resources for Activists

Below are a number of useful website links downloads and calculators for public sector pension scheme members to help prepare for November 30th.

SACA encourages all activists to distribute these materials as far and wide as you can, including to your friends and families to show them why it is important they support the pensions dispute.

Please send any materials you feel would be useful to the SACA Mailbox


Pensions Justice Pensions calculator

TUC Pensions Justice site

Association of Teachers and Lecturers – pensions campaign page

GMB – pensions campaign page

Public and Commercial Services (PCS) – Pensions campaign page

UNISON – pensions campaign page

UNITE – Pensions campaign page

NHS Pensions Online Ready Reckoner – Unison


NEW – All Out N30 Flyer (PCS)

NEW – Fair Pensions For All Pamphlet (PCS)

NEW – Three Big Pension Lies Leaflet (PCS)

Arguing For The Alternative Bulletin 4 – Pensions (Unite)

Fair Pensions for All Petition

TUC day of action flyer

Private sector workers should support the public sector pensions dispute (from Unite)

TUC booklet – tackling the pensions myths (colour)

TUC booklet – tackling the pensions myths (black and white)

Why Should You Care (Unison) – Aimed At The Public

TUC triple squeeze on pensions flyer

GMB – Pensions Dispute Newsletter

Fact and Fiction – The truth about public sector pensions (Unison)

What is happening to your pension? – UNISON Powerpoint presentation

Pensions Calculators and Ready Reckoners

NEWPensionsJustice Pensions calculator

Civil Service pensions calculator – Classic scheme (PCS) (Excel file)

Civil Service pensions calculator – Nuvos scheme (PCS) (Excel file)

Civil Service pensions calculator – Premium scheme (PCS) (Excel file)

Local Government Pension Scheme Ready Reckoner (GMB) (Excel file)

NHS Pension Scheme Ready Reckoner (UNISON) (Excel file)

Teachers Pensions loss calculator (NUT)


2 responses to “N30 Resources for Activists

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  2. Hello wondered if you had site of UCU pension material. Will send if you have not already had it. Ta Tom D

    Also it maybe a good idea to forwrad each others flyers and whilst I am on the point that in the next cross location across south yorkshire activist meeting there should be definitely a publicity sun group which I wouldnt mind offering to be a part of Ta tom donaldson

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