The Sheffield Anti Cuts Alliance is an autonomous and independent organisation based in Sheffield, UK made up of workers, students, the unemployed, pensioners, trade unionists, volunteers, and residents to combat the cuts agenda in Sheffield.

The group was initially proposed by the PCS trade union, quickly gaining support from plenty more, as well as the trades council and the Labour and Green Parties. Whilst it remains independent from all of these, members can be from any background with an anti-cuts agenda.

The Sheffield Anti Cuts Alliance held its inaugarul meeting in November 2010, and at a later steering committee democratic decisions were made over how it should be run. It was agreed that there should be an AGM, in Spring 2011, and until then temporary officers would be elected to manage to organisational aspect (e.g. room bookings, email accounts, websites etc.) However, at present these officers have no decision making powers as the organisation runs in the broadest, most democratic way possible with all campaigners having an equal voice.

You can get involved by attending a meeting and raising your views, offering to organise something, or just getting on with it and asking SACA for support! The steering committee dates will be published here.


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