What’s in the pipeline…

Both the SACA officers and the SACA task group for the Lib Dem conference met this evening . Minutes will be published to the discussion list soon.

Coming up in SACA-land…

  • 4th March: Council Budget Day – anti cuts demo called by Unison and GMB and supported by SACA outside Sheffield Town Hall, 4.30pm – we are making plans to mobilise for this including mass leafleting and banner drops. More details will be issued on the discussion list.
  • 11th/12th March: Lib Dem Spring Conference, Sheffield – well, if they will come to Sheffield…then we will let them know they’re not welcome! SACA has booked Devonshire Green for a community demo and are in talks with the police (still ongoing) about a march route to the City Hall/Barkers Pool, where the conference is taking place. This is a national mobilisation coordinated by SACA. There is an organising committee for all interested parties on 21st February at SADACCA, The Wicker
  • 26th March: SACA are mobilising people to get to the ‘March for the Alternative’ demo in London on Saturday 26th March. We will soon be publicising all available transport. Our first priority is to get people on the free Trades Council coaches, available for members of affiliated branches in Sheffield. We also have one SACA coach booked through the Sheffield NUT branch for people who aren’t in a TU branch or are in an unaffiliated branch. Please email Maxine Bowler on MaxineBowler@aol.com for more info.

Cheers all!

One response to “What’s in the pipeline…

  1. Hi. Please note on Friday 4th March there is a joint lobby at 12 – 2 pm at the Town Hall organised by Unison, Unite and GMB to defend public services, and specifically against the cuts in Sheffield City Council and other local public services. Please attend and encircle the Town Hall with us.

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